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Musical Instruments to Rent or Own
Many first time students at school or taking private lessons need an instrument to practice on at home. Most instruments range in price from affordable to expensive - and, like most things, you get what you pay for.

Catalano Music rents instruments widely used in school band and orchestral programs, such as trumpets, violins and saxophones, We also have harder to find instruments such as bassoons and piccolos in our rental inventory. We also sell these instruments to more committed students who are looking to make an investment in their future. We proudly sell excellent student and professional grade instruments at competitive prices. Since our reputation with the regional schools is so important, we refuse to sell instruments that are too inexpensive. An inferior instrument could prevent a student from learning how to play. So, we only stock and special order instruments that fit our standards. And, we stand behind those instruments and service them here in our repair shop if necessary.

We also stock a wide variety of guitars, basses, drums and accessories.