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What are the benefits to learning music?
Learning a musical instrument challenges students at any age in a variety of ways. Music is often perceived as an area of entertainment or part of a curriculum for younger students. People at any age can either be entertained or enriched by learning to play music and the benefits are far reaching.

Catalano Music provides private lessons, in 30 minute increments Monday through Saturday. Lessons are taught in our studios to the absolute beginners and to students who are advanced and looking for an extra edge in school or for NYSSMA. Adults also take lessons to explore a new area of interest or to revive some of the skills they learned while they were young. It doesn't matter how young or old you are - you can enjoy learning an instrument.

If you are a beginner or your child is interested in lessons, but you don't have an instrument, we can also help you select an instrument to rent or purchase. Our staff can explain the choices that we offer.

Catalano Music also offers a huge selection of print books for learning on your own or material for trained musicians to expand their repetoire in all styles of music.
Printed Materials
  • Learning Methods
  • Tabulature Books
  • Sight Reading Books
  • Manuscript Books & Sheets
  • Song Books